Summer J-ShIP

Program outline

Summer J-ShIP is a combined course of JF100 and JF200. In this course, students are expected to gain practical communication skills for everyday situations by listening to a lot of Japanese as you practice speaking.  Along with that, students will learn systematically how Japanese is used in communication. In JF100, students will learn equivalent to the A1 level on the CEFR. In JF200, students will learn equivalent to the A2.1 level on the CEFR.

Since the year 2022, Students of J-ShIP program take lessons at The Japanese Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai (“JFKC” 国際交流基金関西国際センター), where students take advantage of beautiful seaside location, clean accommodation, cafeteria and access to the library and internet.

Successful students will get 8 credits from Osaka University in accordance with the program certificate and transcript.

Facilities of JFKC


  • An applicant must;
    • be enrolled at a college or university during the program.
    • be certified by an exchange coordinator / international officer/ Japanese instructor of home institution
    • be positive and diligent commitment on this program with good time management skills in a new environment of Japan.

Program Duration

Monday, 17 June to Saturday, 10 August 2024

Enrollment capacity

60 students

JAPANESE Osaka University

Center for International Education and Exchange

Intercultural Collaboration Hall, Osaka University
1-1 Yamada, Suita, Osaka 565-0871 Japan