Graduate Education

Faculty members of CIEE offer graduate and undergraduate education as adjunct faculty, based on their areas of expertise.

Graduate Minor Program for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies

CIEE offers "Theory and Practice of Intercultural Communication" as an advanced program for graduate students.

With the progress of globalization and borderless society, the need for communication among people who do not necessarily share the same language and culture is greatly increasing. While such "intercultural communication" provides an opportunity to promote awareness of diverse values and ways of thinking, it can also cause various misunderstandings and conflicts. Such problems are often caused by the lack of sharing of language and behavioral patterns that are taken for granted in one's own culture. In this program, students will learn about the current state of multilingualism and multiculturalism in modern society and the basic theories of intercultural communication, and at the same time, think about how to deal with problems that arise in actual intercultural communication situations through practical tasks.

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