Spring and Summer Semester (The beginning of April, 2024 - The middle of August, 2024))

Course Code Course Name
881151 Digital Culture: Literature and Art, Ethics and Aesthetics
881110 Osaka in Modern Japanese Literature
881138 Academic Presentation Course (SS)
881153 World English Seminar (SS)
881155 Academic Writing Course (SS)
881183 Introduction to Japanese Law
881184 Introduction to Comparative Law
881185 Islamic Family Law
881133 Economic Development
881253 Chemistry and Human Life
881108 Health Service and Medical Care in Japan
881256 Introduction to Global Architecture
881157 Introduction of Regional Environmental Studies
881159 Peace and Conflict Studies
881160 Negotiation Workshop
881161 Sociology of Knowledge
881162 Sociological Analysis of Nihonjin-ron
881163 Food, Culture and Society
881259 Seminar in Studies of Multicultural Societies
881109 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
881164 Statistics for Social Research
881165 Globalization Studies
881166 Ethics and Criminology 
881202 Issues in Gerontology
881106 Identity and Citizenship
881167 Self-formation throughout life
881174 Critical Thinking in A Global Context: Navigating the Challenges Ahead
881131 Managing Innovation and Change
881111 Japan: Society and Ideology
881143 Internationalization of Higher Education in Japan 
881177 Cultural Psychological Experiment
881116 Japanese JA100 - Track 2
881118 Japanese JA200 - Track 2
881121 Japanese JA300 - Track 2
881123 Japanese JA400 - Track 2
881147 Seminar in Japanese and Global Understanding JGU500d
881148 Seminar in Japanese and Global Understanding JGU500e
881149 Seminar in Japanese and Global Understanding JGU500f
881141 Seminar in Japanese and Global Understanding JGU600e
881142 Seminar in Japanese and Global Understanding JGU600f


JAPANESE Osaka University

Center for International Education and Exchange

Intercultural Collaboration Hall, Osaka University
1-1 Yamada, Suita, Osaka 565-0871 Japan