Outline of Osaka University

1. History

Osaka University is one of 86 national universities in Japan. The University established itself as a national university in 1931 under the title of Osaka Imperial University. Though started relatively late, it inherits the progressive and liberal tradition of Osaka, which had been the center of economy of the country for many centuries. Kaitokudo, Tekijuku and other academic institutions founded during the Edo Era thus grew up together into the University.

2. Organization

Osaka University consists of 11 faculties, 16 graduate schools, 5 research institutes, 4 university libraries, 2 university hospitals, 1 attached schools, 22 joint-use facilities, and 3 nationwide joint-use facilities. The university consists of three campuses, the Suita Campus (996,659 m2) , the Toyonaka Campus (445,851 m2) and the Minoh Campus (145,125 m2).

3. Number of Staff and Students

The number of teaching staff is approximately 3,000. The university employs an additional about 5,900 people, for a total of around 8,900 staff members. There are about 24,000 students (16,000 undergraduate and 8,000 graduate students). There are 1,608 overseas students, as of May 1, 2010.

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