Campus Information

1. Campus Map

Osaka University comprises the Toyanaka Campus, the Suita Campus and the Minoh Campus.

*Refer to the campus maps available on your arrival.

2. CO-OP

The CO-OP of Osaka University offers several kinds of services for students' campus life, such as a cafeteria, a barbershop, a travel center, an entertainment ticket service and a photocopy service. CO-OP stores carry various goods including foods, stationary, books, daily sundries, electric appliances, clothes, etc.

3. Meal Services on Campus

On both campuses there are a number of restaurants and coffee shops managed by the CO-OP or by commercial firms. At restaurants managed by the CO-OP, a halal menu is available for Moslem students.

4. Health Care Center

Osaka University Health Care Center on each campus provides students with physical check-ups and clinical services.

5. Osaka University Hospital and Osaka University Dental Hospital

Both Osaka University Hospital and Osaka University Dental Hospital, located on the Suita Campus, are suitable only for cases of serious illness or injury.

6. University Library

The Library consists of the Main Library (Toyonaka) , the Life Sciences Library (Suita) , the Science and Engineering Library (Suita) and the International Studies Library (Minoh).

7. Campus Post Office

The campus post office is located on all the Campus.

8. "Icho Festival" and "University Festival"


To commemorate the foundation of Osaka University (established on May 1, 1931), the "Icho Festival" usually takes place around May 1 and 2 of each year. The University Festival takes place on November 1 through 5. (November 3 is Culture Day, a national holiday.) At these two festivals there will be various cultural and sport events planned and operated by different student organizations. There will also be an open house of various facilities of the University during the Icho Festival. We encourage international students to actively take part in these activities.

"Icho" is the Japanese word for "ginkgo tree". These trees can be found in abundance throughout the University campuses. The University logo symbolizes a ginkgo leaf (see the left).

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