Fall and Winter Semester (The beginning of October, 2024 - The middle of February, 2025))

Course Code Course Name
881152 History and Society
881222 Japanese Literature, Modern and Contemporary
881139 Academic Presentation Course
881154 World English Seminar
881156 Academic Writing Course
881186 Private Law in Japan
881187 Introduction to Common Law
881188 Law and Society in the Middle East
881255 Current Topics in Modern Physics
881266 Introduction of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Science
881134 Engineering Approaches to Energy and Environmental Issues
881218 Introduction to Cross-cultural Understanding
881220 Invitation to Electronics
881158 Introduction to Information Networking
881268 Talking Points in Psychology
881168 Critical Approaches to Technology in Society
881169 Environmental Sociology
881207 Primatology in Japan
881263 Climate Change and  Energy Transition Governance
881264 East Asian International Relations
881265 Japanese Diplomacy
881170 Contemporary Educational Issues in Japan
881267 Cross Culture Studies: Mapping Variations of Cultures
881208 Global Issues in Education
881210 Sociological Theory
881269 East Asian Politics
881171 Psychology of Aging
881172 Diversity in Aging Society
881173 Applied Phenomenology
881286 Diversity and Human Rights in Japan
881176 Introduction to Studying International Exchange Subjects
881175 Critical Thinking in A Global Context: Navigating the Challenges Ahead
881251 Social Innovation & Social Design
881261 Japan: Society and Ideology (FW)
881226 Media and Communications in Japan
881281 Introduction to Intercultural Communication 
881262 Japan; Society and Big Data
881230 Japanese JA100 - Track 2
881232 Japanese JA200 - Track 2
881235 Japanese JA300 - Track 2
881237 Japanese JA400 - Track 2
881282 Seminar in Japanese and Global Understanding JGU500a
881283 Seminar in Japanese and Global Understanding JGU500b
881284 Seminar in Japanese and Global Understanding JGU500c
881273 Seminar in Japanese and Global Understanding JGU600a
881274 Seminar in Japanese and Global Understanding JGU600b
881275 Seminar in Japanese and Global Understanding JGU600c


JAPANESE Osaka University

Center for International Education and Exchange

Intercultural Collaboration Hall, Osaka University
1-1 Yamada, Suita, Osaka 565-0871 Japan