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CIEE offers a variety of Japanese Language Programs independently or in conjunction with other departments or programs at Osaka University. The Elective Japanese Language Course and Intensive Japanese Language Course are our independent programs exclusively for the international students of Osaka University (See 1 and 2 below).
We also offer a comprehensive Japanese Program designed primarily for the short-term exchange students coming to Osaka University (See 3 below).

1.  Elective Japanese Language Course

  • 1.5 to 4.5 hours per week depending on the subjects.
  • Non-credited subjects.
  • All classes are held in Suita campus.
  • You have to take Japanese Proficiency Level Check prior to the registration

【NEW】Important Dates and Deadlines for Fall-Winter Semester 2019

MOnday, September 30th The registration for Fall-WInter Semester 2019 begins.
Monday, October 7th The course begins.
Friday, November 8th The registration deadline for Fall-WInter Semester 2019

To enroll the course, See “How to enroll” page

2.   The Intensive Japanese Language Course (IJLC) 

  • CIEE offers a 15-week course designed for those who want to learn Japanese intensively.
  • All classes are held in Suita campus.
  • Attending about 24 hours per week is required.
  • Please consult with your faculty office for the application deadline.

【NEW】51th IJLC, Fall-WInter Semester 2019

3.   International Exchange Subjects: Japanese (JA)

JA program is the comprehensive Japanese Program designed primarily for the short-term exchange students at Osaka University. The JA program consists of the courses ranging from the beginning level to the advanced level courses which enable students to study the appropriate level of Japanese according to their Japanese proficiencies.

  • Enrollment is open to Graduate Students, Special Auditors (OUSSEP, iExpo etc.) and the International College students at Osaka University.
  • There are six levels from Elementary (100) to Advanced (600).
  • Most of the classes are held in Toyonaka campus (See the Guide Book).
  • Comprehensive training in the four language skills, namely, speaking, listening, reading and writing will be provided.
  • You may receive four credits, only if you attain the prescribed grade.
  • All classes (except for a part of JA100) are held in 1st period (8:50 to 10:20) at Toyonaka Campus. Each course consists of three classes per week (Tue, Wed & Thu), and you must attend all classes. If there are multiple tracks (that meet three times a week) in a course, you will be assigned to a course track according to your attribute. You cannot attend classes in other course tracks.
  • Classes begin: Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Registration: contact your department or program office