Life Information in General

1. Legal Procedures   Here

  • At the City Office (National Health Insurance, etc.)
  • At the Immigration Bureau(Residence card, Permission for part-time job, etc.)


2. Various Procedures   → Here

  • Banks
  • Utilities(Electricity, Gas, Water)
  • Telephones, Internet


2. Medical Services and Insurances   → Here

  • Osaka University Health and Counseling Center
  • Medical Assistance(Medical consultation in various languages, Medical institutions for emergencies at night and on holidays, etc.)
  • Insurance(National Health Insurance, etc.)


3. Housing   → Here

  • Osaka University Dormitories
  • Other Dormitories(Operated by Support Organizations)
  • Other Housing Information(Private Housing, etc.)

  *Moving → Here

  *Coop-Rent Insure for international student → Here

「‘Osaka University Guarantor System for Foreign Student Rental Housing’ finished on May 31, 2019. Currently, ‘Coop-Rent Insure’(Osaka University exclusive joint guarantee agent system) is available.        


4. Daily Life   → Here

  • Mail, Delivery
  • Transportation(Train・Bus, etc.)
  • Driver’s License, Automobiles, Motorcycles and Bicycles, etc.


5. Procedures before Leaving Japan   → Here


*From Osaka University Support Ovvice



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