Disaster and Crime Prevention

Disaster Prevention information

Tips for disaster Prevention

1. Public LAN/ WiFi
You can access the internet via the free public LAN/Wifi during natural disasters by using SSID “00000 JAPAN” (select 00000Japan in the Wifi connection menu).

2-1 Safety Tips (Website: EN/CN/TW/KO App: 15Languages)
This site contains links to the communication cards, information for procedures to follow during natural disasters and assists in the search for Medical Institutions nearest to you

2-2 Osaka Disaster Prevention Net
This site contains links to the evacuation centers, municipalities, traffic, lifelines in Osaka pref.

2-3 Osaka Safe Travels(12 Languages)
Provides general safe travel/stay information in Osaka

2-4 Japan Meteorological Agency (14 Languages)
Weather (weather, heavy rain, high temperature, etc.) / earthquake /tsunami/ volcano information

2-5 Disaster Management in Japan, Cabinet Office Japan
Helpful Disaster Management Apps and Websites (Multilingual)

2-6 List of Embassies and Consulates in Japan (2 Languages)

2-7 NHK World TV & Radio (18 Languages)

2-8 Disaster Emergency Message Dial “171” & Disaster Emergency Message Board “Web171”
This is a message board used during natural disasters, e.g. earthquakes, volcanic eruption, torrential rains etc. to confirm the safety of individuals. Due to increased phone calls during natural disasters, please use this line to help in reducing communication loads on the phone network to confirm safety of individuals.

• Disaster Emergency Message Dial (171)

• Disaster emergency message board (web171)


2-9 Fire and Disaster Management Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (E-Collage for Disaster prevention / crisis management)


Crime Prevention information

Tips for Crime Prevention

1. Crime Prevention (Osaka University)


2. To avoid being the victim of a crime

(The Daiyukyo Foundation of International Exchange. Assistance & Research/Multilingual)


3. Life Safety

「Cheap town app」(Osaka Prefectural Office)


Foreign Resident Manual(Metropolitan Police Department/Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau/20 Languages)


4. Bicycle Rules

Bicycle Traffic Safety Rule Book (Osaka Prefectural Office)






Rules and regulations transportation and biking(Osaka University)


5. Other useful information

Don’t get involved in Cyber Crimes (Osaka Prefectural Office)

3 Languages





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