Useful Information for Job Search

If you are considering finding a job in Japan

Start your job hunting early!!

  • Normally, job hunting starts at least a year before graduation.
  • On average, people spend 8.9 months on job hunting.
  • If you plan to do an internship, start preparing as soon as you reach your third year or M1.

Yearly schedule for job hunting in Japan

* Foreign companies and venture companies often start even earlier, so be sure to check their websites!

The flow of job hunting in Japan

Job-hunting seminars on CLE

You can find job hunting information for international students such as online seminars and alumni job talks in English on CLE.

Subscribe to the mailing list for job hunting information

For those graduating in March or September 2025, please subscribe to the following mailing list if you wish to receive job hunting information such as company sessions and free seminars for international students.

To learn Japanese

In Japan, your job hunting may be significantly influenced by your Japanese language proficiency, as many Japanese companies require N1, N2, or J1 level qualification.

External job hunting information

Internship information

Designated Activities visa for job hunting

Points-based Preferential Immigration Treatment for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals

Under the points-based system, foreign nationals recognized as “Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals” will be given preferential immigration treatment.



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