Publication List 2017

Author Ryoko Nakano
Title 在独日本人交換留学生のドイツ語学習に関する一考察
Journal Collaborative Research Projects and Symposia
Volume 5
Page 25-34
Author Ryoko Nakano
Title 在日ドイツ人交換留学生と日本人学生の友人関係構築に関する比較考察
Journal Studia Germanica Osacensia
Volume 33
Page 101-118
Author Yamamoto, B.A, Ishikura, Y
Title A Pebble that Creates Great Waves? Global 30 Classes and Internationalization of the Student Body
Journal English-medium instruction in Japanese higher education: Policy, challenges and outcomes
Volume November
Page 71-87
Author Sachihiko Kondo
Title A Study on Contemporary-Style Homestay: Do Accommodation Styles Determine Learning Outcomes and Inter-cultural Understandings of International Students?
Journal ウェブマガジン『留学交流』
Volume 78
Page 13-32
Author Heesun Han
Title Perception of the Japanese moraic-nasal(/N/)by Korean learners of Japanese : Concerning /N/ followed by a vowel
Journal Collaborative Research Projects and Symposia
Volume 5
Page 73-84
Author Koichi Nishiguchi
Title Sociocultural and dialogical perspectives on language and communicative activity for second language education
Journal Journal of Japanese Linguistics
Volume 33(1)
Page 5-13
Author Koichi Nishiguchi
Title システム論の観点から見た日本語教育の課題 ─ 日本の大学における日本語教育の状況を中心に
Journal Journal of Japanese and Chinese linguistics and Japanese language teaching
Volume 10
Page 37-49
Author Koichi Nishiguchi
Title Expressing and Expressing-Oriented Second Language Education
Journal Journal of Multicultural Education and Student Exchange
Volume 21
Page 37-45
Author Mioko Yoshinaga
Title まなぶ・つなぐ・つくる─ポスト・コミュニカティブアプローチの時代における教師の役割─
Journal Literacies
Volume 20
Page 24-40
Author Mioko Yoshinaga
Title 日本語教育におけるピア・ラーニングの意義と課題ーメタ・エスノグラフィーによる質的研究の統合
Journal インタラクションと学習
Volume 6
Page 149-173
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Center for International Education and Exchange

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