Brothers and Sisters Program (B.S.P.)

B.S.P. works to promote exchange between the Japanese and international students of Osaka University in cooperation with Center for International Educational Exchange, providing opportunities for students to get to know each other through events such as welcome parties, Japanese cafes, and field trips. Every student of Osaka University is welcome to participate in the event. If you are interested in international exchange and world culture, please feel free to join us. Whether you are a Japanese or an international student, you are welcome to join us!

Activity Location

  • Suita Campus: 2nd Floor of IC Hall
  • Toyonaka Campus: 2nd Floor of Student Service & Union (above Cafeteria Kasane)
  • Minoh Campus: 5th floor of Research and Education Hub

Main Activities

  • Campus Tour (for new international students)
  • Orientation
  • Various exchange events
  • Language Cafes (e.g. Japanese Cafe)

B.S.P. Official Facebook

Each campus B.S.P.


  • IRIS, Center for International Education and Exchange 06-6879-7076
  • Toyonaka Office, Center for International Education and Exchange 06-6850-5032
  • Minoh Office, Center for International Educational Exchange 072-730-5020

*You can contact us from our Facebook and Instagram above.



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