Relieving Stress~Some tips for international students~

3/19(Fri.)@Toyonaka, 3/30(Tue.)@Suita-Center for International Education and Exchange (CIEE) and Health and Counseling Center (HaCC) co-hosted this event both in Toyonaka Campus (March 19, language: English) and Suita Campus (March 30, language: Japanese) The aim of this event were to provide some hints for relieving stress for international students who seemed to live a stressful life by the influence of the new coronavirus and so on, and to create opportunities for them to interact among themselves and exchange opinions.

On Toyonaka Campus, 4 onsite, 6 online, 10 in total,
On Suita Campus, 5 onsite, 2 online, 7 in total students participated.

The event, moderated by Associate Professor OKAMOTO (CIEE), started with the opening remarks by Director ARIKAWA (CIEE), followed by the lecture from Professor Mizuta (Deputy Director, HaCC) who gave hints and tips on relieving stress for international students. Participating students actively shared their ideas on stress relief in the second half group sessions facilitated by Associate Professor Okamoto (online) and Specially Appointed Associate Professor Uosaki (in person).

After the event, participants moved to CIEE Toyonaka branch and Information Room for International Students (IRIS), and kept interacting among themselves.

“I tend to live an irregular life, but I will try to live a regular life taking the advice from Professor Mizuta,” said one student during the group discussion. It provided them a good opportunity to get some hints to relieve stress.



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