10/27(Thu.) Welcome Party Suita Campus (OUISA, B.S.P. Suita)

The theme of the party is "Traditional Clothes from around the world".
International students who are able to participate in ethnic costumes are welcome.
Date & Time: Oct. 27 (Thu.) 18:00~19:30
Place: 2nd Floor lecture rooms, IC Hall, Suita Campus
Contents: Games, Dance, etc.
Target: Osaka University students only
Capacity: 30 students (Pre-registration required. On a first-come, first-served basis.)
Fee: Free
Registration: Please enter your information in the form below.
*It may be postponed or cancelled due to the expansion of the COVID-19.
*We are taking counter measures against the corona virus.
*Please wear a mask. Eating and drinking are prohibited.



吹田市山田丘1-1 ICホール内