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Management of OUSSEP

OUSSEP is a university wide short-term student exchange program. It accepts regular students from partner institutions as special auditors, and offers ‘International Exchange Subjects’ in English. In taking these lectures, OUSSEP students are able to earn Osaka University credits. Professors at the center are in charge of the management of the program.

Intensive Programs (short-visit)

The center contributes to the university’s internationalization, through designing and coordinating a variety of short-term intensive programs, such as that of focusing on Japanese language and culture, which is completed in no longer than three months. Also the center provides appropriate advice for faculties which design this kind of program.

Orientation for International Students

In order to support new international students of Osaka University, the CIEE plans and organizes an orientation program.  Through the orientation program, Students may overcome some difficulties of living and studying in a different culture, and start their academic studies with fewer troubles.


The center offers a counseling service for international students currently studying at Osaka University. ln order to give appropriate
advice in individual cases, staff members are happy to offer one-on-one counseling services.


Both for accepting and sending students, the center has maintained a very close relationship with partner  universities, in order to make individual student’s studies more fruitful.

Osaka University lnternational Student Association (OUISA)

Launched in 2003, OUISA is an organization for internationaI students  across the university, regardless of nationality. In cooperation with the center, OUISA works to represent international students at Osaka University.

Brothers and Sisters Program (B.S.P.)

The Brothers and Sister program is a voluntary student group organized by Osaka University students. Having close contact with the center, a group of students offers support like showing new students around the campus, and in helping international students to get accustomed to living in Japan.

Japanese Speech Contest for International Students

The center holds a Japanese Speech Contest for International students studying at Osaka University.

Career Assistance for International Students

Our Center provides assistance for those International Students who are seeking employment in Japan.

・Job Consultation Corner for International Students

Individual “Job Consultation is available for those Regular Students who wish to start with the job searching process.

・Job Search Strategy Course for International Students

The “Job Search Strategy Course” is designed to provide the International Students, who are pursuing a job in Japan, with the basic knowledge for the job searching process.

During the course the students will have the chance to take part in seminars related with Japanese Business Culture, Self-assessment, Exploring Resources, and preparation for Interviews. Also this course provides the opportunity to listen to the voice of alumni and senior students about job offers, and On-Campus Career Fairs with Japanese Companies.