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Japanese  Language Education for all Osaka University Students

1. Students who receive the Japanese Government scholarship with a Japanese Embassy recommendation

“Intensive Japanese Language Program”: A fifteen-week intensive program designed for international students who wish to enter a graduate school. Students learn not only fundamental Japanese but  also academic Japanese with which they conduct their research. Three levels: lntroductory, EIementary and lntermediate are offered.

2.Graduate Students and Research Students

”Japanese Language Program for International Students[Elective Course]”:  Students can select courses based on their level and particular needs. There are two types of subjects:”Comprehensive Japanese”  offers general Japanese classes including Kanji while
“Technical Japanese” offers academic Japanese classes for research activities in Japanese. Six levels, from  lntroductory to Upper-Advanced, are offered.

3.International Exchange Students<Special Auditor(OUSSEP and in each faculty)>

”InternationaI Exchange Subjects(Japanese)”: Comprehensive Japanese classes in five levels, from  lntroductory to Advanced, are offered.  Students can earn credits.

4.Regular Undergraduate Students

”Japanese related Subjects in Liberal Arts and Sciences”: Two types of  classes, ”Japanese Language as a non-EngIish foreign language” and ”lntercultural Communication” are offered to undergraduate students to teach academic communiaction skills in Japanese.  Students can earn credits.

5.Regular Students of Undergraduate Course Taught in English

As a part of the Global 30(i.e.The Project for Establishing Core Universities in Japan for lnternationaIization project), Osaka University has set up courses and programs from October 2010, conducted totally  in English that enable students to attend and graduate using
English as the teaching/learning language.  CIEE provides students with  Japanese subjects in these special courses in English. Students can earn credits.

6.KOSMOS Students

“KOSMOS Japanese Class”: A fall semester preliminary education program designed for “Korean students with a Science Major at Osaka University with the Special Scholarship” (KOSMOS students), who  plan to study in the Science, Engineering or Engineering Science Faculty.

International Exchange Subjects

Lectures are conducted in English mainly for OUSSEP and other exchange students.  Professors of CIEE offer many lectures about their respective major. Non-OUSSEP students, including Japanese students, can also take these classes and earn credits.

Freshman Seminar

As a part of Liberal Arts and Sciences Education, seminars of small class sizes are held, and these are open to all Osaka University Students. Professors at CIEE teach some of these seminars under the same theme of “lntercultural Understanding and Communication.

Postgraduate Supervision/Lecture

Professors of CIEE give lectures related to their respective majors and supervise graduate students in other graduate schools of Osaka  University such as the Graduate School of Language and Culture, the Graduate School of Human Science and Osaka University Law School.

Graduate School Advanced Minor Programs

CIEE, in cooperation with the Graduate School of Language and Culture, gives lectures about ”Theory & Practice of lntercultural Communiaction” for all the Graduate Students.