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It cannot be expected, in this globalized modern soclety, that feedom or development will take place without mutual understandings across borders. The Center for International Education and Exchange (CIEE) was established in April 2010 from the reorganized and expanded former International Student Center (ISC).
This center, created as a joint research institution  at Osaka University, has contributed to the education of students from all over the world, through lts wide-ranging international educational ptrctices. The center has also encouraged cooperative activities between  Japanese students, overseas students and international researchers.
Therefore, for the sake of mutual understanding and friendship, the CIEE at Osaka University shall endeavour to continue playing an important role in scholarly, educational, and research  cooperation. From the fall of 2009, the Support Office has come under the direction of this center, providing assistance with housing and visa application procedures, to create acomplete structure in which to work within.


The former lnternational Student Center (ISC), founded in June 1994  as one of the joint research institutions of Osaka University, was  expanded and reorganized to create The Center for lnternational Education and Exchange (CIEE). At present, in June 2010, the center has educated approximately 1600 international students in the Japanese language, Japanese culture, and contemporary  Japanese life. ln addition, the center has given advice and counseling regarding the studies and lives of overseas students.
The CIEE has also taken a large role in the management of the Osaka University Short-term  Student Exchange Program (OUSSEP), as well as the Korean Students with a Science Major at Osaka University program  (KOSMOS). Considering the other important activities it undertakes, such as providing information  and advice for Japanese students, the center could be regarded as  the heart of scholarly  educational exchange at Osaka University Moreover, the CIEE is also considered a window to the world for the local community. It is, therefore, playing an important role through various activities at Osaka University under the university’s slogan  of ‘Live Locally, Grow Globally’, giving international students and researchers opportunities to meet with the local community  and the Japanese Students attending Osaka University.
The main center is located in the lntercultural Collaboration Hall (IC Hall) in Suita Campus, and there are also branch offices  in Toyonaka and Minoh Campuses, assigned with
regular staff.