J-ShIP Materials and Information

01. Materials and information concerning application procedures

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs' site

02. Academic information

Other Information

03. Facilities in Minoh campus


You can find the Cafeteria in University Hall, Minoh Campus. They offer wide variety of meals at reasonable price. Also, some J-ShIP students talked with Japanese students and shared their languages.
Business hours
11:30-18:30 on weekdays *It can be changed without any notice.

CO-OP (on campus store)

There are 2 CO-OPs in University Hall, Minoh Campus. One offers snacks, breads, beverages and rice balls. The other offers books and stationery. You can buy textbooks here.
Business hours
Foods 8:10-19:00 on weekdays
Books and stationery 10:30-18:00 on weekdays *They can be changed without any notice.

IRIS (Information Room for International Students, Minoh Branch Office)

Please find further details here

Please refer to Osaka University campus maps for more information.

04. Useful links

The below-mentioned websites are not Osaka University's.

JAPANESE Osaka University

Center for International Education and Exchange

Intercultural Collaboration Hall, Osaka University
1-1 Yamada, Suita, Osaka 565-0871 Japan