Short-Term Programs

CIEE develops and delivers a variety of short-term programs which are less than three months and usually related with Japanese language and culture. Their initiatives can contribute to the further internationalization of the university. It also provides advice on how to develop similar programs in other departments.

Latest Information

JASSO grant for both Summer and Winter is not available in FY2021.
We have updated "Class Introduction Video" for 2020 Winter Online Japanese Course.  To watch the video, please click here.
Due to the situation of COVID-19, the Winter J-ShIP Program for the AY2020 has been canceled following other programs.
 Instead, the “2020-2021 Winter Online Japanese Course” will be offered as
 a new online course.
 For more its information, please click here.
JASSO grant for both Summer and Winter is not available in FY2020.
Guideline, brochure and application form for 2019-2020 J-ShIP have been updated.
 Please click here.
 Intensive program's information is coming soon.
We have already closed the Winter J-ShIP application.
This Fiscal Year 2018 summer intensive program will NOT be offered.
We have already closed Summer J-ShIP application.
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