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Social Contribution

The CIEE has been  involved in the following activities under the Osaka University  motto of “Live Locally, Grow Globally”.

Information Room for lnternational Students (IRIS)

The CIEE offers international students consultation, as well as a wide range of information on Japanese life and communication with local people. lt also provides cultural exchange information for local community groups and study abroad information for Japanese students.

Association of Volunteer Groups

Coordinating several of the local volunteer organizations, the center endeavours to promote effective and fruitful international exchange activities. It also collects and offers necessary information for these international activities.

Osaka University Host-family Program(OHP)

The center launches several programs, in order to make overseas students stay and study comfortable in Japan. For instance, in cooperation with host-family groups, the center operates a program for newly arrived overseas students, which introduces them to local families that are pleased to look after overseas students.

International Education Program

Working with local elementary, secondary, and high schools, the CIEE encourages mutual understanding through school visitations by overseas students as cultural ambassadors. These visitations also offer overseas students an opportunity to interact with local schoolchildren.

Social Contribution