【Finished】Jan.7(Thu.) Let’s experience Japanese New Year(Suita B.S.P.)

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Jan. 7 (Thur.), 2021, 12:00-
“Let’s experience Japanese New Year” was held by Suita B.S.P. at IRIS.
The number of participants were four international students and three local students. They enjoyed Kakizome (calligraphy), Fukuwarai (making a funny face), spinning tops, and traditional card games, which are traditionally held on New Year’s Day in Japan.

【The following is the information statement】

Date & Time: Jan.7 (Thu.) 12:00-13:00
Place: IRIS (2F, IC Hall, Suita campus)
Contents: New Year’s calligraphy, Japanese traditional card games, Fukuwarai (New Year’s lucky face-making game)
Fee: Free
Target: Osaka University students only
* Pre-registration is not required.
* Due to the prevention of COVID-19, we may refuse to enter IRIS when too many participants join.


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