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Which is the best Japanese course for me?

Students are assigned to the particular Japanese courses according to their student status and the level of Japanese proficiencies.
Check “Who is eligible for the Japanese Courses?” to find which courses/programs you are supposed to join.

How do I find my classes and register for them?

Step 1: Download the Japanese Language Program Guidebook by clicking the banner on the left.
Read it very carefully.


You can find the outlines of the programs, registration procedures, schedules, and timetables in the guidebook.
Step 2: Take this “Japanese Level Check” before attending the classes to verify the level of your Japanese.


syllabus Step 3: Search KOAN Syllabus for the descriptions of the Japanese classes of your levels. Read the explanations and requirements in the class descriptions carefully to know which classes are suitable for your needs.


Step 4: Attend the classes and listen to the instructors class orientations to know the goals and policies of the classes.

Class room @Toyonaka Campus is HERE

Step 5: Sign-up for the class which you decide to attend through KOAN. See how to use KOAN in the video below.

Note: This registration procedure is preliminary and does not guarantee the class membership. You may not be accepted for the class depending on the numbers of the students enrolled. Confirm your classes with KOAN on the date of Announcement of the students approved for the classes.


Okini “Okini” is our original lesson management system (LMS) on the web. Ask how to sign-up for Okini in the classes you are participating.