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The following is a summary of available information for international students to help them with their life at Osaka University. Much of the information is linked to ” Living in Osaka : A Guidebook for International Students “, provided by Osaka University.

1. Scholarships
1-1 「Guidebook for International Students」(Now updating)
1-2 You may find information about scholarships on the following websites.
Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (Japanese only)
The Asian Students Cultural Association 
2. Studying Japanese Language
Center for International Education and Exchange
The Center for International Education and Exchange provides extra-curricular Japanese and English language programs for International Students. For further information refer to the websites of the Japanese Language Programs for International Students.
Details >>  Japanese Language Programs (For Students)
2-2 Information about volunteers who provide Japanese language classes and information about exchange programs using Japanese language in the community is available at the International Student Center (main center on the Suita Campus, branch office on the Toyonaka Campus)
IRIS(Suita Campus)
branch office on the Toyonaka Campus
branch office on the Minoh Campus
3. Housing
「Housing Support Guide」 (PDF:6.2MB)
3-2 Information about Housing
>>  here

4. Medical Services and Insurance
「Living in Osaka」 P.40(PDF : 4.25MB)
5. Application and Other Procedures Relevant to Status of Residence in Japan and Invitation of Accompanying Family Members
「Living in Osaka」 P.22(PDF : 4.25MB)
Immigration, College Student Visa for a University Student, Short Leave and Re-entry, Work Permit for Part-time Jobs, Inviting family Members to accompany you, Location of Regional Immigration Offices
Information about Part-time Jobs
Some information about part-time jobs, especially for the Osaka University students, may be posted on the bulletin boards at theInformation Room for International Students (IRIS) on the Suita Campus and Toyonaka Branch, ISC.
6. Campus Information
「Living in Osaka」 P.6(PDF : 4.25MB)
Libraries Cybermedia Center etc.
Campus Information and Services
7. Information on Daily Life
「Living in Osaka」 P.54(PDF : 4.25MB)
Gas, Electricity, Water, Garbage Disposal, Information on Daily Life
8. Driver’s License, Automobiles and Bicycles
「Living in Osaka」 P.64(PDF : 4.25MB)
Information about Drivers License, Automobiles and Bicycles
9. In Case of Emergency
「Living in Osaka」 P.70(PDF : 4.25MB)
Robbery, Traffic Accidents, In case of Fire and Other Disasters
10. Returning to Your Home Country
「Living in Osaka」 P.78(PDF : 4.25MB)
Required procedures at the University and outside the University
11. International Student Associations
International Student Associations on Osaka University
12. Useful Information
Useful websites for International Students >> here