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Our Center provides assistance for those international students who are seeking jobs in Japan after graduation.

・Job Consultation Corner for International Students

Individual “Job Consultation” is available for international students who wish to start with the job searching process

【Important notice】

Job Consultation Corner for International Students is closed in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Consultation via email and zoom is available instead. If you need consultation, email us at

If face-to-face consultation becomes available, its schedule will be as below:

■ Toyonaka Campus: every Tuesday12:00 ~13:00 CIEE Meeting Room, 3F, Student and Service Union
■ Minoh Campus: every Wednesday 12:00 ~13:00   CIEE Minoh Branch, 1st floor, B-building
■ Suita Campus: every Thursday 12:00 ~13:00   Room 3  2F,  IC Hall
Priority given to those who have an appointment via e-mail. please see attached flyer for more details.

・Job Search Strategy Seminar for International Students

“Job Search Strategy Seminars” are designed to provide the International Students, who are pursuing a job in Japan, with the basic knowledge for the job searching process. During the course the students will have the chance to take part in seminars related with Japanese business culture, self-assessment, exploring resources, and preparation for interviews. Also this course provides the opportunity to listen to the voices of alumni and senior students with job offers.

■Job Search Strategy Seminar for International Students 2020 to be announced in fall, 2020.

Science Studio A

4. Hearing about experiences of Handai alumni

5. Hearing about experiences of students with job offer

6. Preparing entry sheets and company recruiting fairs

7. Preparing interview (1)(basic rules of interview etc.)

8. Preparing interview (2)(Mock interview)

◆◆If you´d like to receive information on job hunting in Japan,
E – mail to career(at)  with 1. your full name, 2. faculty, 3. year, and  4. country.  Put “Request on job hunting information” in the subject line.

Job Hunting Guide for International Students