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Intensive Japanese Language Program

A 15-week intensive program designed mainly for those who receive the Japanese Government (Monbu-Kagaku-sho) scholarships with Japanese embassy recommendations. Held at the main Suita center. 

Japanese Language Elective Subjects

Since 2004, CIEE(former ISC) has developed flexible curriculums and offered comprehensive opportunities, for all those who study Japanese language at the university, including undergraduate, graduate and research international students, in coordination with the needs and level of achievement of each learner. *General Japanese Subjects: For those who wish to study Japanese, regardless their major field of studies. *Technical Japanese Subjects: For those who have a need to study academic subjects or to carry out their research, using Japanese.

Japanese Subjects (Liberal Arts and Sciences) 

Mainly targeting first and second year students these are Japanese language classes forming part of Liberal Arts and Sciences subjects. 

KOSMOS Japanese Class

This is a part of the preliminary education of Korean Students of Science Major at Osaka University with the Special Scholarship program (KOSMOS). A six-month program designed for Korean students, who plan to study scientific or engineering subjects at Osaka University. 

International Exchange Subjects

Professors of the CIEE and other lecturers contribute to the ‘International Exchange Program’, which are given in English for 


 students, according to their research fields. Non-OUSSEP students also take these classes and earn credits. Held at the Toyonaka and Suita campuses. 

Freshman Seminar

As part of Liberal Arts and Sciences subjects, small sized seminars are held, and open to all Osaka University students. Professors at the center teach some of these seminars, the themes of which include Intercultural Understandings and Communications. 

Postgraduade Supervision/Lecture

Professors of the CIEE give lectures in other graduate schools of Osaka University, and supervise graduate students.